UTSUNOMIYA UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Engineering Doctoral Degree Program

Department of Innovation Systems Engineering

Faculty members and research themes

Sustainable Design and Engineering Course

Lecturer Title Research content Subject taught
Ohmori, Nobuaki Professor Urban transportation systems, analysis of human and transportation activities, barrier-free town development Advanced Sustainable City Planning
Sugiyama, Hisashi Professor Mechanism of cement hydration, high-strength concrete, maximized precast concrete curing Advanced Building Materials
Takayama, Yoshimasa Professor System control of structural materials aiming to reduce environmental loads, integrated function structural materials Advanced Materials Design
Nakajima, Akinori Professor Structural design of buildings that form social infrastructure and earthquake disaster prevention Advanced Hybrid Structural Engineering
Nakajima, Shiro Professor Building recycling and resource usage, Performance evaluation of wooden buildings and wooden materials Advanced Building Recycle Technologies
Hasegawa, Hiroaki Professor Application of fluid mechanics in the fields of aviation, outer space, medicine, and sports Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Fujiwara, Hiromi Professor High performance concrete and reinforced concrete structures Advanced Structural Materials
Masuda, Hiroshi Professor Mechanical behavior of steel beam end connections, beam joints, press end connections, and column bases of steel building systems; earthquake resistance evaluation assessments of construction Advanced Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures
Mabuchi, Yutaka Professor Low / High friction surface designed by micro / nano engineering, Functional surface aiming for high heat transfer / heat insulation Advanced Tribosystem
Yamaoka, Satoshi Professor Project management and financing of infrastructure, project evaluation methods, development and dissemination of renewable energy Integrated Project Management
Yoshida, Katsutoshi Professor Human dynamics, non-linear mechanics, stochastic mechanics Advanced Stochastic Dynamics
Sato, Ryunosuke Associate Professor Planarization process with mechanochemical polishing, nano-machining, ultrafine grinding, grinding processes Advanced Machine Tool
Zou, Yanhua Associate Professor Fundamentals and application of precision machining, special processing, electric and magnetic compound precision processing and magnetic grinding Advanced Nontraditional
Shirayori, Atsushi Associate Professor Plasticity, tube formation, weight reduction of machine parts Advanced Metal Forming
Seiki, Takafumi Associate Professor Structural stability of rock construction and long-term stability evaluation, effective use of underground spaces Advanced Rock Engineering
Sekikawa, Munehisa Associate Professor Non-linear dynamics, oscillator synchronization phenomenon, chaos Advanced Topics in Mathematical Physics
Nakano, Tatsuya Associate Professor Research related to the evaluation and improvement of the mechanical performance of joint sections of steel buildings, development of design and construction techniques related to earthquake reinforcement, and repair of existing steel buildings Advanced Disaster Measures of Buildings against Earthquakes
Fujimoto, Satoshi Associate Professor Management and analysis of existing building stocks, Maintenance and monitoring of existing building stocks Advanced Building Stock Management
Hoshino, Satoshi Associate Professor Development of swarm intelligence robot systems and mobile robots with special features Distributed Intelligence and Systems Engineering
Maruoka, Masanori Associate Professor High-value-added concrete materials, technology for upgrading industrial by-product concrete materials Advanced Ecological Materials for Civil Engineering
Yasumori, Akio Associate Professor Architectural design, building plans, space structures of buildings and cities Advanced Architectural Design Theory
Yamamoto, Tokujiro Associate Professor New functions and structure material inventions through material formation and atomic arrangement controls and assessment thereof, material properties, material formation, material evaluation Advanced Material Characterization
Watanabe, Shinichi Associate Professor Quantification of human psychological states, engineering education teaching methods and evaluation of education effects Advanced Psychological Measurement

Functional Materials Design Course

Lecturer Title Research content Subject taught
Ishida, Kunio Professor Large-scale quantum-mechanical simulations on the photoexcitation/relaxation dynamics of solids Advanced Theory of Excited-state Dynamics
Irie, Akinobu Professor Development of new-function quantum devices using a superconducting superlattice structure, research on nano-electronics Advanced Superconducting Electronics Engineering
Uehara, Nobuo Professor Development of non-linear functional ligands, applied molecular instrumentation engineering Advanced Superconducting Electronics Engineering
Egawa, Chikashi Professor Research on solid surface response function at the atomic and molecular levels with various surface spectrometry Advanced Dynamical Processes at Solid Surface
Oba, Toru Professor Development of anti-cancer drugs, molecular probes for cellular regulation, and fluorescent probes Advanced Natural Material Chemistry
Kitamura, Michihide Professor Calculation of energy band structures such as semiconductors, ion crystals, and intermetallic compounds Advanced Electron Theory in Solids
Shan, Yue Jin Professor Education and research on functional perovskite-type oxide synthesis and the properties thereof Advanced Chemistry of Solid State Properties
Yajima, Tetsu Professor Analysis of mathematical physics, computational physics, and unlimited flexibility integrable systems Advanced Solid State Physics
Kashiwakura, Takayuki Associate Professor Development of in-solid electronic state analytical technology, research on photoemission spectroscopy and X-ray emission spectroscopy Advanced Quantum Physics and Engineering
Karikomi, Michinori Associate Professor Development of de novo synthesis reactions and synthesis of organic compounds with unique structures by employing de novo synthesis reactions Advanced Organic Materials Chemistry
Goto,Hiroki Associate Professor Study of electrical motors/generators and their applications Advanced Electrical Machine
Sakai, Yasuzo Associate Professor Water treatment using magnetic powder, separation engineering using magnetic fields, reaction control engineering Advanced Material Chemical Engineering
Sakuma, Hiroshi Associate Professor Development of point measurement devices, analysis of crystal structures, development of thin film and nano-particle production devices Advanced Physics of Condensed Matter
Sato, Takafumi Associate Professor Development of high efficiency reaction and separation process with supercritical fluids and membrane Advanced Supercritical Fluids Engineering
Shimizu, Takashi Associate Professor Research on microwave, millimeter wave, and terahertz wave circuit technology as well as material evaluation technology Advanced Super-High Frequency Application Engineering
Tezuka, Keitaro Associate Professor Synthesis and properties of functional inorganic materials Advanced Inorganic Materials
Morohoshi, Tomohiro Associate Professor Analysis of communication between microorganism at the genetic level and application of pathogenic technology Advanced Bioinformatics
Yorikawa, Hiroharu Associate Professor Research on numerical simulation of solid electronic structures with a focus on low-dimensional materials Physics of Low-Dimensional Electronic Materials

Intelligence and Information Science Course

Lecturer Title Research content Subject taught
Ito, Atsushi Professor Social application of information communication networks, wearable devices, user interface design, and ICT Advanced Network Software
Ito, Satoshi Professor New MRI imaging and image reconstruction processing, image processing for medical use, video signal processing, image restoration processing Advanced Medical Imaging Systems
Kamimura, Yoshitsugu Professor Measurement of electromagnetic environments, effects of electromagnetic fields on living organisms Advanced Biological Information Measurement
Kogami, Yoshinori Professor Circuit technology for microwave millimeter waves and material evaluation technology Advanced Information Transmission
Sato, Mie Professor Image display technology, human interfaces, image processing Advanced Applied Information Mathematical Statistics
Shimawaki, Satoshi Professor Biometrics, simulation of soft biological tissue, impact biomechanics, biomimetics Advanced Bioengineering
Hasegawa, Madoka Professor Video encoding, image processing, digital watermarks, Web usability, usable security Advanced Image Coding
Hirata, Mitsuo Professor Robust control theory; sample control theory; high-speed, high-precision positioning control and industrial applications thereof Advanced Control Engineering
Funato, Hirohito Professor Electric power control with power electronics, power electronics circuits, renewable energy generation Advanced Power Conversion
Yokoo, Noriyoshi Professor Energy-saving systems for construction and urban areas Advanced Architectural Environment Planning
Yokota, Takashi Professor Parallel and distributed computing systems, embedded computer systems, design methodology Advanced Integrated Information Systems
Azuma, Takehito Associate Professor System control theory and research on applications to networking and system biology Advanced Control Systems Engineering
Ootsu, Kanemitsu Associate Professor Analysis of computational systems, parallel processing, optimized compilers and software Advanced Computer Systems Architecture
Koike, Masafumi Associate Professor Theoretical elementary particle physics, mathematical physics Advanced Elementary Particle Physics
Koga, Takaaki Associate Professor Construction safety, environmental psychology, construction plans, construction design Advanced Human and Engineered Environmental Studies
Satoh, Eiji Associate Professor Locations for establishing medical and welfare facilities (for nursing, the handicapped, and childcare), service level optimization Advanced Regional Analysis
Toyama, Fubito Associate Professor Evolutionary computation, image processing, pattern recognition Advanced Evolutionary Computation
Fujii, Masahiro Associate Professor Wireless communication systems, telecommunication networks, ubiquitous communication Advanced Information Communication Protocol
Mori, Hiroki Associate Professor Analysis of verbal communication features and modelling, and application thereof to the advancement of man-machine interactions Advanced Man-Machine Systems
Mori, Hiroshi Associate Professor Computer graphics, image processing Advanced Image Processing
Yajima, Takahiro Associate Professor Geometric research on non-linear dynamics and continuum mechanics Advanced Applied Geometric Engineering

Advanced Interdisciplinary Sciences Course

Lecturer Title Research content Subject taught
Ayama, Miyoshi Professor Sensory and perceptual information processing mainly through eyesight, color engineering, sensibility information processing, transportation lighting suitable for people and the environment Advanced Visual Information Processing
Iimura, Ken-ichi Professor Education and research on the properties and structures of organic ultrathin films as well as the functionalization thereof Advanced Functional Interface Chemistry
Ikeda, Hirokazu Professor Effects of flowing environments on the ecology of plants and fish in rivers, lakes, and marshes; added value with environmental information Advanced Inland Water Environment
Otani, Yukitoshi Professor Optical measurement, polarization science, polarization engineering, opto-mechatronics Advanced Lightwave Sensing
Ozaki, Koichi Professor Robot vision, mobile robots, intelligence systems, farming robots, robot design Advanced Robot Vision
Kato, Norihiro Professor Development of functional polymers and environment-responsive polymer gels as well as education and research on their applications to biological engineering Advanced Material Chemistry for Environmental Response
Kawata, Shigeo Professor Generation of electricity by nuclear fusion, charged particle beam transport, research on the mutual effects of materials and related simulation support environments Advanced Electromagnetic Energy Science
Kohri, Kimiko Professor Environmental construction planning methods and efficient energy use Advanced Design of Environment
Sugihara, Okihiro Professor Nano-processing and optical circuit elements using optical functional materials Advanced Functional Optical Materials and Devices
Suzuki, Noboru Professor Sol-gel method intelligent materials, surface quality improvement, surface analysis, particle engineering, response control systems Advanced Lecture for Analysis of Material Function
Hasegawa, Hiroshi Professor Sound signal processing, sound measurement, wave theory and its applications Advanced Information Analysis in Acoustics
Higashiguchi, Takeshi Professor Next-generation semiconductor lithography EUV illuminants, short-wave long lasers, ultra-short-pulsed lasers Advanced Quantum Electronics
Yugami, Noboru Professor Electromagnetic radiation through the reciprocal action of ultra-high-power lasers and plasma, development of plasma photonics devices Advanced Particle Beam Physics and Engineering
Yokota, Kazutaka Professor Self-distributed robot systems, rough terrain mobile robots, support and automated product assembly plans Advanced Mechatronics
Ishikawa, Tomoharu Associate Professor Models and applications for multisensory integration, development of information presentation technology applied to diverse senses, realization of pleasant viewing environments Advanced Combining Sensory Information Processing
Sato, Masahide Associate Professor Various process controls and optimization involving heat and property transfer at the interfaces between different phases with surface chemistry methods Advanced Topics in Functional fluid processing
Ninomiya, Nao Associate Professor 3D turbulence measurement of thermal and fluid phenomena employing visualization and image processing technologies Advanced Course for Thermal and Fluid Energy Transfer
Barada, Daisuke Associate Professor Vectorial wave holography, optic and mechanical energy transfer, space-time optical signal analysis, general optical coordinates Advanced Applied Optical Physics
Fujimura, Ryushi Associate Professor Development of optical function materials (hologram recording materials, plasmonic metamaterials) and research on next-generation optical memory systems Advanced Applied Optical Engineering
Furusawa,Takeshi Associate Professor A novel catalytic reaction system is proposed based on the knowledge of catalysis and chemical engineering. A highly active catalyst or functional material for energy and environmental processes is also developed. Advanced Catalysis for Energy and Environmental process
Yamamoto, Hirotsugu Associate Professor 3D displays, depth perception, information display technology using optic cryptography, digital signage Advanced Optics for Three-Dimensional Imaging and Display
Yoshihara, Sachio Associate Professor Atomic level surface control using electrochemistry methods and development of new functional substances Advanced Course of Applied Electrochemistry
Yoda, Hidehiko Associate Professor Development of optical electronic devices and optical thin film devices required for optical communication and optical information processing Advanced Optical Thin Films
Hayasaki, Yoshio Professor Information devices using light, image optical measurement using cameras, processing using lasers Optical Information System
Nagai, Akira Professor Information communication engineering, computational science Information and Control Systems Science
Matsumoto, Taki Associate Professor Liquid phase synthesis of inorganic and inorganic/organic composite materials, creation and increased sophistication of optical functional materials (photocatalysts, coatings, etc.) Practical Instrumental Analysis
Miura, Eisuke Visiting Professor Application of laser particle acceleration, ultra-short-pulse high-strength lasers, and laser formation plasma Systems Innovation Engineering Special Lecture I